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Who is Annwyn Massage Therapy?

Hi, I am Meg Munson, owner of Annwyn Massage Therapy.  Welcome to my very first blog post. I am very excited to be working with Harmony Health and for the opportunity to hopefully work with all of you. First of all, let me ntroduce myself and give you some background on Annwyn Massage Therapy.

Annwyn is a mobile massage therapy practice – I come to you at a place and time that fits your schedule and needs, or you can come to me at Harmony Health!  I am a native of Rochester, NY but have called Virginia Beach my home for the last ten years. Like many, the Navy brought my husband and myself to the area. The recent snows have made us wonder, however, if our chilly upbringing is following us.

Why Annwyn?

The name Annwyn comes from my love of old Gaelic and Welsh mythology. Annwyn or Annwn (‘aenu:n) was the name for the after life in middle Welsh. A world of no pain, no disease and eternal youth. Consequently, the company logo, a Celtic triskele, represents the cycle of life and balance. While I know our world does not always allow balance or hold the promise of no pain, no disease or eternal life for us, I felt both the name and the symbol were excellent representations of what I want to achieve with my business. I want to help those in pain, those who are sick and improve the health of each of my clients whenever possible.

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in English from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York in 2004.  I completed my Associates degree in Massage Therapy with Centura College in Chesapeake, Virginia in 2017.  Through my course work at Centura I was able to experience many different modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, prenatal massage and reflexology. While I currently offer mostly Swedish and deep tissue massage, I will be certified in both prenatal and infant massage as I found both to be very beneficial when I was pregnant with my daughter and after she was born. I look forward to offering those services to my clients in the near future.

How can Annwyn help you?

Annwyn Massage Therapy is here to serve the needs of our growing community throughout Hampton Roads.  I certainly look forward to bringing you future blog posts about the many aspects of massage.  Everything from the different styles, the benefits of body work and yoga together, the role of music in massage, as well as different massage products.
Explore my website Annwyn Massage Therapy, and contact me with any questions I hope to hear from many of you and thank you for taking the time to learn about me and Annwyn Massage Therapy.


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