Dance and Pilates Fitness is for Everyone

Dance Trance and Pilates Bootcamp are high intensity classes safe for all fitness levels. Participants work at a pace that feels right for them. No dance background required for Dance Trance, just clean, comfortable, dance or tennis shoes that you can move around and jump in, because you will be moving!  Pilates Bootcamp is practiced barefoot same as Yoga.  Our dance and Pilates fitness classes are the perfect place for exercise and time with friends.  We incorporate light weights, resistance bands and props to both support and deepen the movements during each session. Learn more about Dance Trance on their Facebook page.  During each class work we hard but, most of all, we love to have a good time - enjoy your workout with the powerful benefits of laughter.

Dance and Pilates Fitness

Dance Trance is a choreographed dance fitness program that includes dance combinations and cardio moves - you get the most satisfaction possible from an intense workout. You build cardiovascular endurance, lose weight, tone and shape all while picking up “off the chain” dance moves!
Pilates Bootcamp is a Pilates focused class with fun extras – weighted and non-weight balls, HIIT stations and good times thrown in. You become stronger, longer and leaner from head to toe.  Feel right at home and challenge yourself with our PBC (Pilates Bootcamp crew); all while you get out of your comfort zone and feel amazing!

Dance Trance is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:15.
Pilates Bootcamp is Mondays at 6:00pm , Wednesdays at 6:30.
Dance Trance and Pilates Bootcamp are offered at the Harmony Health studio at 4540 Princess Anne.

Become a Member

Try a 10 day pass for $25 (one time only) Introductory month for $50 (one time only) Regular $90/month, no contract
Regular drop in $16, $140 (10 class pass), $240 (20 class pass)