Goal Setting and Game Plans


A goal is where it all begins.  We all want to make changes, reach new heights, break old habits, plow through a bucket list…It all starts with a step by step plan. One of the biggest pitfalls we can face is being unsure of where or how to get started. So we find any and every excuse not to.

The first and best thing we can do for ourselves is allow room for imperfection. Make it clear from the get go that it is okay to have a bad day, a weak moment, a setback. If we can bounce back from setbacks and not beat ourselves up over shortcomings we can stay positive and committed to the game plan we have set.

How to find success:

Here are some more ideas for success with personal, professional, health and wellness, – any type of goal.

  • Write down your goal – no matter how big or small, personal or professional, silly or stoic.  You are more likely to accomplish what you set out to do if we take the time to write it down.
  • Be clear, detailed and timely with the goal. Goals start with a desire; You want to do something, have something, lose something, etc…. Give yourself a deadline, a solid date that you will have attained this goal. Be reasonable with your deadline – make sure you have plenty of time to (if you complete your goal ahead of schedule, bonus!)
  • Find reasons, get rid of excuses – a million excuses will pop up each day.  You only need to hold onto to the one REASON and let the excuses fall by the wayside.
  • Tap in to a community of like minded people.  These are the folks who are going to cheer you on even when you may self doubt, they will be truthful and supportive, they will look at your goal and ask how they can help.
  • Identify your limiting areas and ask for help when you need it – what may come naturally to you may be a struggle for another and vice versa, if you struggle in an area look for someone who can lend expertise and/or experience.


Once you have reached a goal take a moment to acknowledge your accomplishment, enjoy your success. Celebrate! Our goals say a lot about who we are, where we come from and where we are going. Take the time to follow these steps and you will begin to see your goals becoming your reality and your dreams coming true.

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