Halotherapy Yoga

Halotherapy Yoga: What is it?

You may have heard the word “halotherapy” recently, the word seems to be popping up everywhere, but what on earth is it?
The word Halos is Salt in Greek. When we say halotherapy yoga we are literally saying salt therapy yoga. Our brand new salt room at The {Be} Studio is a great place to practice yoga and reap the benefits of halotherapy. Halotherapy is also used in Netti-pot, epsom salt and other practices.
Where did this trend originate? Ancient Greeks and Romans were familiar with the benefits of salt way before the modern world. Residents of small town, Wieliczka, in Poland have been living long, productive and happy lives thanks to the work they do in salt mines! They spend long hours in the salt mines, breathing it in for most of their lives.

How does it work?

Quick chemistry lesson: salt is a chemical compound of sodium and chloride, sodium has a positive charge, chloride has a negative charge and typically they cancel eachother out. Our halogenerator charges the compound as it is difused into the air and thus creates an unstable outer layer. This layer then binds with excess water in our airways. So, if you feel a tickle in your throat or start to cough during halotherapy yoga that is perfectly normal – it means the excess goop in your lungs is being worked out! When the ionized salt lands on the skin it helps to hold the moisture in. To recap: Moisture in the lungs is bad and the salt helps pull it out, moisture on the skin is good and the salt helps hold it in.

The trend grew from Poland across Europe and salt rooms starting popping up in the 1980’s. The United States has recently caught on to this trend and we are now seeing salt rooms gaining popularity.
Fun fact: Did you know the oldest and largest salt cave in the US is in Williamsburg VA? A man from Poland brought over Himalayan salt to create the cave. That is just down the road!

The benefts of halotherapy:

better sleep
better breathing (relief from asthma, allergies, congestion and colds
healthier skin
reduced anxiety
Isn’t salt amazing!
Our halotherapy yoga program at The {Be} Studio includes classes practiced in the salt room. You will love the warm comforting glow of the salt wall and the many benefits of yoga all while breathing in the difused salt and the benefits it has to offer! For more information on our Be Studio schedule visit our Home Page

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