Health insurance v. Health care

Don’t let your health insurance choose your health care!

Health insurance v. health care.

Fact: Health insurance or lack thereof, is a determining factor in the choices people make regarding their health care.

Fiction: Services approved through insurance are the best options available and should be considered first.

Fiction: Out of network providers or Out of pocket services are secondary and not as relevant as approved benefits.

Often it is stated from many clients, “I can’t see a (_____ alternative healthcare provider) because it is not covered by my insurance”.

I completely understand the thought process and have been there myself.  Let me start by saying this: I have no political agenda or personal gain in health insurance v. health care.  It does not matter to me where people choose to spend their money on these services.  My goal is to teach yoga, and work with folks to determine the best path for them to take on their journey to health, wellness and happiness.

Equality in health insurance and healthcare

First, just as not all healthcare providers are created equally, not all health insurance plans are created equally.  You will find the good, the bad and everything in between if you take the time to look.  All too common is our tendency to overlook something simply because it is “Out of Network”, “Out of Pocket”, or any other term that implies it is not a benefit.   It is so very important that every individual person look into their own care needs and determine their best options regardless of what the insurance company may have settled with.

Personally, I have access to health insurance that covers most things.  My two children (both c-sections) were fully covered.  Doctors visits, emergency room x-rays, childhood asthma treatments, so many things 100% covered.  When I was in a bad car accident, the care was covered, pain management was covered, and a referral for physical therapy would have been covered, but my request for a chiropractor – denied.  I paid out of pocket for chiropractic care because that is what I knew would help me the most.

Side note: many insurances do cover chiropractic care, mine is an exception.

Health insurance v. health care

As a whole, we look at price tags to make decisions, but we can not put a price tag on our health.  Do not hunt bargains when it comes to healthcare.

Definition of health insurance: insurance against loss through illness of the insured; especially: insurance providing compensation for medical expenses.  (Merriam Webster).  Health insurance is in the business of covering loss due to illness or injury.  The objective of health insurance is to keep people from dying and/or losing their livelihoods because of a lack of health.

Definition of health care: efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals.  (Merriam Webster).  Healthcare is the business of professionals who want to treat and care for patients.

Both health insurance and healthcare serve a purpose in our society and both have good and bad points.  Take your health into your own hands and advocate for yourself.  Don’t leave your health, wellbeing and happiness to the fate of what can be found on an “Approved Benefits” list. That list is generated based on the best interest of a business.  Make choices and budget for health, create safety nets (such as insurance), but elect the best care options regardless of that safety net.

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