Inside Harmony Health and throughout Hampton Roads.

Harmony Health is a studio that offers outstanding classes, workshops and special events both at the studio and around town.  We love all the positive feedback from our members joining us weekly at the studio.  Our main studio is located in Brenneman Farms Shopping Center at 4540 Princess Anne Rd. suite 109.  Harmony Health at The Be Studio is located at 1213 Laskin Rd. Suite 208.  It is truly a pleasure when we visit new folks around Virginia Beach and throughout Hampton Roads.  We travel to local businesses, schools, community events and for social gatherings.

Check out our gallery of photos from inside our studio and beyond our four walls.  Meeting people where they are at is a goal of ours.  We know that sometimes it is difficult to make it to the studio, there are so many great things begging for your time and attention.  So we are happy to travel to you so you don't miss out on your yoga, dance and pilates fitness goals.