Manifest Monday

Manifest Monday – What is it?

The first day of a new month is teeming with excitement, possibility, opportunity.  A whole new page on the calendar, a fresh new start and open space just waiting to be filled.  But where do we start?  That is often the question and for many of us, it is a place where we get stuck.  Manifest Monday happens the first Monday of every month and it is meant to help us get unstuck and make great things happen.

Motivate, Move and Meditate with a group of like minded folks.  We may not all have the same goals and our manifestations will be wildly different – but, we can come together and make amazing things happen with high vibration energy and clear intention setting. I love starting new things, buzzing with beginnings and dreaming up visions.  I love it even more when I am starting, buzzing and dreaming with friends.

How does Manifest Monday work?

We come together on the first Monday of each month from 12:00-1:00pm.  We have three items on the agenda – motivate, move and meditate.  “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”  A dream can only become a reality if we get out of bed and get started.  Here is where you start: Manifest Monday! Join us, share your wildest dream and let us help you work that dream into a reality.  What is Manifesting?  If this term is new to you, or if it brings up thoughts of ships or airplanes – you are not wrong.  A manifest is a declaration of items that can be used to keep track of materials and persons.  We are declaring our intention during Manifest Monday and will share the best ways to do that.  Our intentions will be written, clear, concise, bold and focused.

Will you be at Manifest Monday?

Join us – declare your dreams and make them become your reality.

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