Cathleen Nichols

Meet our team member: Catie!

I first found yoga after my son was born and I was looking for a gentle way to get back in shape.  I found that and so much more!  I was able to regain strength, flexibility, balance and health.  I learned to accept and embrace how I look and feel with a newfound self awareness and self confidence. Throughout this journey of self discovery, I have also discovered what I am meant to do with the rest of my life; help others to feel better, live healthier and be happier in their own lives.

Cathleen is the founding member of Harmony Health. She is a compassionate and knowledgeable health and wellness advocate who is able to work with others to promote positive growth.  She has been teaching all styles of yoga for over 12 years, along with Pilates, Barre, personal training and life coaching.  Catie currently holds: B.S. Health and Wellness, focus Nutrition, Yoga 200 Hour certification (CorePower Yoga), Holistic Life Coach, Healthy Lifestyle Principles, Pilates, Barre, Fundamentals of Group Exercise, CPR and First Aid Certifications.

Catie leads all styles of yoga, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Pilates, and fitness (not dance), private sessions for specific goals in your practice and lifestyle, and workshops. Together with the team at Harmony Health we provide programs at locations throughout Hampton Roads.


Kelly Kuhlhoff

Meet our team member: Kelly!

I began my yoga path thanks to a college required PE class. The instructor, Maura, helped me fall in love with all that yoga can bring to life; the strength, the peace, the balance, the focus. Being a mother of 2, a military wife and living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) made these benefits stand out. From that course I found a drive to learn more of what yoga has to offer. I wanted to share that passion with others so that they could benefit as well. With the support of my family, I took the next step and started my 200 hr Yoga Instructor Training at Harmony Health…. Through teaching, I am able to help others find strength, balance, and peace but also love and understanding for themselves. Yoga is not just about the poses; it’s about the journey to find out who you are and where you want your path to take you! For those of you I have led in class, thank you for sharing your practice with me. For those of you that I have yet to meet, I hope I can help you start on your path…Namaste.

Kelly’s favorite class to teach is Swing Yoga on Friday nights!

Monet Wichrowski

Meet our team member: Monet!

I started dancing when I was 5 years old and enjoyed Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Pointe until I graduated High School. During that time I danced competitively and truly fell in love with Tap. While in college, I performed with the Longwood Company of Dancers & focused on Contemporary & African Dance. I moved to North Carolina for a few years after college and missed dancing desperately. I met up with my High School sweet heart, and moved back to my hometown of Virginia Beach to re-enter the competitive dance world. It was then that I found Dance Trance and my dance life was forever changed. I took classes constantly and did so for 5 years before taking over the program. Dance has always been my happy place and I thank the art form for my confidence, health, and love of music. I am now a busy wife, mom and artist working as an Opthalmic Technologist by day and Dance Trance Director at night!

Courtney Eley

Meet our team member: Courtney!

I have been dancing since I was 2 years old. I started with tap, jazz, ballet, and lyrical until I graduated High School. During that time I competed in several competitions before becoming a national youth dance ambassador. While in college I became a founding member of “Unique Image” out of VUU in Richmond, VA and remained a member until graduation in 2009. Once I graduated I moved back to Va Beach. I had been looking for a place to dance until a friend of mine introduced me to Dance Trance. I went to every class for months until I was asked to become an Instructor teaching DT Kids for 3 years. Dance is my soul and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t dance. I am a wife, Health Data Auditor at Sentara, Bollywood Fusion Instructor at Baila Fusion Dance, and a Dance Trance Instructor.

Kate Graney

Meet our team member: Kate!

My love of dance and movement started at age 3. After 15 years of studying and performing ballet, and classical jazz, I transitioned that love into a passion for fitness. Two of my biggest motivators are my son James and the PBC crew. I want to set a positive example for my little man by working out, eating right and living a healthy, joyful life. The PBC crew is my sanity to help balance busy mom and work life, their health and happiness is important to me. Kate loves to create new and challenging classes for her students. She enjoys encouraging them to try new things and push out of their comfort zone. Her goal is to create in every class a comfortable, positive and nurturing environment where students are free to express themselves and work towards their fitness goals. In November 2015, Kate joined our team – Harmony Health is happy to have her talents to offer our members. She enjoys combining her love of living well with her family and friends.

Kate has created a strong following with the PBC crew Teaching Barre, Pilates, and Bootcamp

Jami Jenkins

Meet our team member: Jami!

Jami started studying dance when she was in middle school and danced competitively in high school. She took Zumba for many years until finding DanceTrance six years ago. Jami is a full time working mom and military wife. Her favorite style of dancing is hip hop and ballet, but loves challenging herself with any style. She appreciates how DanceTrance exposes their students to all forms of dance, in a comfortable setting, while providing a high cardio workout. This program has not only given her a place to dance again but to learn, improve, have fun and connect with other dance lovers!

Wilda Cuninghame

Meet our team member: Wilda!

Wilda is an adventure seeking, world traveling mom of three grown boys, wife to a retired Navy pilot and most recently 200 hour certified yoga teacher. Her background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education, a Master’s Degree in Special Education and many years teaching in the public school system. She teaches yoga classes that are both encouraging and playful, what else would you expect, her name is Wild with an A! Wilda’s yoga practice began several years ago when her husband and her stepped into their first yoga class, from that day on they have been hooked. Always looking to grow and gain new perspective in the world of yoga, Wilda has found many guides on her path. Wilda is most definitely a multi talented wonderful addition to our team.

Kristie Tardy

Meet our team member: Kristie!

Kristie started dancing at the early age of eight and began her dance training at Woodside High School of the Performing arts in 2004 where she studied ballet, pointe, jazz and modern dance. She attended Summer Institute of the Arts for six summers and became a member of the national dance honor society Nu Delta Alpha. After graduating, she extended her training at Bethel School of the arts until moving to Virginia Beach. She found Dance Trance eight years later and has been dancing ever since!

Jill Green

Meet our team member: Jill!

My true yoga journey began when, on a whim, I walked into a new studio near my home, that studio was Harmony Health. Immediately it was inviting, peaceful, and warm, and offered a yoga experience I had not had before. It was personal yet shared and supported by the Harmony Health family. Over the next few weeks and months I could feel and see a positive difference in my physical, emotional and spiritual being but I also discovered a mindfulness I had not known before. I knew then that I wanted to find a way to share this new found source of wellness with others. My mother, at 88 who had just moved in with us, was my true inspiration. As I watched her I wondered just how much more able she would be if she had found yoga even just a few years earlier. So…. with with the support of my family I began the 200 hour teacher training at Harmony Health and made the decision to leave my job of 25 years to pursue this new passion!

Sasha Ellis

Meet our team member: Sasha!

Sasha Ellis started dancing when she was eight years old. She has experience in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, character, and hip hop. She joined Dance Trance in 2014 and fell in love with the variety of dance styles and fast-paced workout program. She has a blast dancing with her students and loves seeing them bring their unique style to the dance floor. Her passion for Dance Trance makes the weekly commute from Hampton to Virginia Beach worth it! When Sasha isn’t dancing, she nerds out at NASA, spends time with her husband and fur babies, travels, and goes on new adventures.

Jessica Schenck

Meet our team member: Jess!

Yoga found me at the time I needed it most in my life. Back in 2009 I was practicing gentle yoga regularly on the beach when I lived in Newport, RI. I learned firsthand about the mental benefits of yoga as I had a demanding job and needed something to relieve the stress. My instructor Shelley Duncan was the light I was looking for! She made every moment of practice so enjoyable, so freeing! I eventually found myself going beyond the gentle classes at the beach and immersing myself in a variety of practices, including Power Yoga. After starting a family and moving to Virginia, running became my only form of meditation, but I still yearned for the Yin to my Yang! Yearning for something more than just high intensity workouts and neighborhood runs I came back to yoga. Soon after practicing regularly for an entire year, it led me to complete my RYT 200 hr with Alex Clarke of Teall Transformation Yoga in Kempsville. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve never taken a yoga class that I didn’t enjoy. I’m extremely grateful for every instructor that I have practiced with and can not wait to continue sharing the gift of yoga with others! Including my two little girls, Lia & Grace!

Lindsey Cole

Meet our team member: Lindsey!

Lindsey started dancing when she was 5 years old and hasn’t stopped since. She found Dance Trance in Florida around 2009 and fell in love with the program. She started teaching it in Virginia when she moved home in 2010. She is a busy lawyer and dog mom by day and dance teacher at night, as well as a certified Zumba instructor for OneLife Fitness. She loves wine and delicious snacks which is why she loves fitness and is so happy to have time on the dance floor with the lovely ladies of DT to forget about the stress of the day.

Meet our team member: Christine

Christine Gallo

Meet our team member: Christine!

Christine has been an educator in the public school system for 20 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Education from Worcester State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Stonehill College in Massachusetts. In addition to public education, Christine is also certified to teach yoga to both children and adults alike. She practices yoga, breathing and meditation on and off the mat with her students whether in the studio or school house.

Finally, Christine is the owner of Sunflower Kids Yoga and the Blackstone Valley Chapter of Polka Dot Power House both in Rhode Island.  Most recently Christine has added Melaleuca to her teaching tool bag. Melaleuca provides a full line of products that are non-toxic, safe for your home, family and the world we live in. She is excited to share this with our Harmony Health community.

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