Tree Pose is for everyone!

Why Tree Pose is for everyone.

Tree pose has the fantastic qualities of making those who practice it feel strong, tall and rooted to the earth: at the same time, tree pose offers a feeling of balance and peace with their surroundings while in vrkasana.  Vrkasana is the perfect asana for everyone, thanks to the many variations and modifications available in Tree.

Increase balance, focus, memory and concentration. Vrikasana is a great pose to observe the breath (pranayama) and be in the present moment.  Improve core awareness and strength in the standing leg to support the entire body.  Tree is also restorative and can be used as a cool down pose to refocus the mind at the beginning of the day or during a yoga practice.

How to get into tree pose:

Start in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Engage the core and find the balance in your body. You can do this by gently closing your eyes and rocking back and forth a few times.
Come to stillness as you begin to place the weight into one foot and lift the other from the ground. Feel both grounded and uplifted through the standing leg all the way up to the crown of the head or outstretched fingers.
Place the lifted foot to your ankle, calf or thigh naturally opening your hips in the process. Cautious not to place the foot on the ankle of knee joint directly.
Hands can come palms together at heart center, they can raise and grow tall or come together behind the back in a prayer mudra. For more stability tap one finger to the wall.
Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be a pro at Tree pose in no time!
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