What Yoga IS

What Yoga IS…

Yoga is a practice.  It is meant to be Personal, Powerful, Passionate, Peaceful, Patient – these things count.
Yoga is not meant to be Perfect – posture perfect, performance perfect – these things don’t matter.

When we come to our mats yoga is a practice in getting in touch with who we are, accepting that person and growing into who we want to be. When we focus on being perfect, we lose sight of the journey and the things that count are lost to us. Today might be the day to ease into child’s pose and look inward, it might be the day to come fully into headstand and celebrate, or perhaps it is the day to hold Warrior 3 for minutes on end. Whatever today is for you, that is where you are supposed to be right now and that is perfect.

Yoga is unique to each person.

Although we may be practicing in the same room at the same time, we won’t look or feel the same and we don’t have to.  Forget about the person on the mat next to yours, Yogis who come to class and look like they were born for this. I guarantee you 2 things:
1. They are NOT looking at you as much as you are looking at them
2. They find their own trials, triumphs, setbacks and victories in each class too.

I have yet to walk away from a yoga class saying “Boy that was the worst hour of my life” and even more I have yet to hear anyone else say that as they are leaving class either.  Pull up a mat, take a seat, bring your hands to your heart and close your eyes. Let the journey begin and Enjoy!

Yoga is for everyone.

When we opened Harmony Health VB our goal was to make yoga available to everyone.  When you search for Yoga Near Me, we want to pop up, invite you in, make you feel at home, confident and successful in your yoga journey. Our mission is to connect with and guide our members on a lifelong journey to self awareness and acceptance while building a community that shares knowledge and experience with each other. We are passionate about living life to the fullest and offer a well rounded and comprehensive approach to total wellness. Join us!
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