Yoga and baking cookies

I have always told myself and everyone else that I am a terrible baker. This truth was evident in the fact that I could not bake a batch of cookies. Just recently though, I have discovered that I can in fact bake!
To my extreme happiness, I have realized that baking is a science and an art, much like yoga, that must be approached intentionally and with feelings. All my life I have been trying to rush the act of baking in an effort to get to the end result - delicious, soft, gooey chocolate chip cookies and this always left me unfulfilled and sometimes in a state of despair (we all know how uplifting a good cookie can be at key moments). But I am not one to give up, I may take long hiatuses in the process of learning a new skill, but I preserver. And perseverance pays off - today I have a pile of cookies, a loaf of banana bread and am about to get started on an apple pie and 8 mini pumpkin pies for the holiday.
You have probably guessed by now that this post is not just about cookies; You are correct. It is also about my second love, yoga!
Yoga is a practice that asks for intentionality and emotion. Although many may want to jump on a yoga mat and master yoga, it is often a humbling experience. We are shown that standing on one foot is harder than it seems, that sitting cross legged isn't always comfortable and that laying on our backs can leave us feeling restless. Every practice begins with the request to find your breath and set an intention. Not that we every lose our breath, obviously, we are still breathing, but we take it for granted and it happens without thought or consideration. The awareness of self and surroundings, internal universe and external world come first. The breath comes before the practice. The practice of physical yoga is the small part of yoga that can be seen, but yoga is so much more than just poses and postures. It is thoughts and emotions, heartfelt and mindful, introspective and outwardly expressed.
Just like you can't have cookies without flour, sugar, eggs, mixing bowls, spatulas and a warm oven - you can't have yoga without breath, intentions, awareness, practice, perseverance and patience.

I hope you have enjoyed this holiday blog post. I was inspired by the newfound tradition of baking holiday goodies with my kids. It brings me joy to share the science, art and treats with them.
Our holiday schedule includes:
9:15 and 12:00 yoga today, Monday Christmas Eve
Closed Tuesday Christmas Day
12:00 and 5:15 Wednesday December 26
Don't forget our Pre-New Year's Eve Celebration on Saturday December 29 at 6:00 - Dance, eat, drink, paint, celebrate!
Mark your calendar for New Year’s Day 108 Sun Salutations and a full schedule of classes and special events starting Tuesday January 1, 2019!

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