Yoga at Harmony Health

The world would definitely be a better place if everyone did yoga! That is why we teach the way we do – so everyone can feel comfortable, confident and successful in their yoga practice and want to continue practicing.
We welcome people of all shapes, sizes, ability levels, men, women and even young adults who want to practice yoga. Multi-level classes can be very inspiring, when you offer options for participants to modify and challenge themselves side by side – you create a setting where people feel free to express their own creative practice within safe limits.

Yoga For Everyone

At the start of every class we remind students to listen to their bodies, take rest when it is asked for and honor any limitations they may find – we also encourage finding an edge and rising up to meet a challenge – both of these foster personal growth.
You will find that we have traditional props (blocks, bolsters, blankets and straps) available for use during every class. These props can help to both support and deepen your poses. Yoga at Harmony Health also includes specialty props – Yoga Swings and Yoga Wheels! These props have their own class times and workshops on our schedule – the wheels may be incorporated into regular classes too. Our aim with the wheels and swings is to teach how both of these tools can be very fun and FUNctional additions to your practice.

Time and Place

We do yoga at Harmony Health everyday – we think you should too! Check our schedule for the style that suits you and your schedule. You will find gentle/restorative, hatha, vinyasa, power, yin yoga classes Monday-Sunday each week.
Our Harmony Health Studio location is located in the Brenneman Farm Shopping center at 4540 Princess Anne Rd near Mt. Trashmore. You can find us on the front side of the center facing Princess Anne, near YoMama.

Harmony Health Membership

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Members receive 30% of special events.

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