Yoga is Your Umbrella!

What do you mean, Yoga is Your Umbrella?

Yoga is your umbrella, don’t worry, I am not going to sing a Rihanna song! No one ever gives umbrellas much thought, until you find yourself stuck out in the rain…. This is true for many things in life, it is also the hook line for many a song (“You don’t know what you got till it’s gone”, “You only need the light when it’s burning low. Only miss the sun when it starts to snow”).  So back to our point today; What do you mean, yoga is your umbrella?  Well, let’s look at it from another angle: insurance policies.  Most of us have heard of Umbrella insurance – it offers added protection in excess of other policies to cover losses not covered.  But what really do yoga and umbrellas have to do with one another?

Yoga is a multi-faceted tool.

Yoga offers everything from self-awareness, breath control, physical fitness and community consciousness.  In any given class you may find people on their mats who have come in because they are looking for stress relief, pain relief, to reach fitness goals, spend time with friends or find a little peace and quiet.  And the wonder is that for each and every person who comes to their mat for a unique and personal reason – yoga will fill that purpose!  Yoga is your umbrella: It shields from the rain storms, protects from the harsh sun, brightens a drab day and can even invite in a friend.  You can see why we love yoga so much.

How to use your yoga umbrella.

9:15 in the morning and you find your day starts off with any of these scenarios: there is a broken light fixture in the front hall, a beloved family pet is ill, an injury is slowly beginning to feel better.  You tell yourself to get in the car and head over to Harmony Health and now find yourself sitting on your mat with a frown on your face, a tear running down your cheek, an intention to be gentle with a still healing shoulder.

As the work day comes to a close, you find yourself tired, battling traffic, stressed over what to cook for dinner… And you decide to come to Harmony Health for an evening class to shrug off the work day, find a better frame of mind, transform negative energy into positive.

In either of these scenes you enter the studio’s low light atmosphere to the sounds of relaxing music and a warm smiling face to greet you.  Find yourself wrapped up in the welcome vacation from cell phones, busy-ness, worldly responsibilities.  As you are guided in a practice that at the same time is able to soothe your body, mind and spirit all while challenging you to be present and patient.  You stretch, strengthen, balance – notice the physical changes but also the changes to thoughts and emotions.

Don’t forget your umbrella!

With continued practice, yoga has long lasting benefits that can help temper life’s ups and downs.  Life will throw all things your way and whether your rain storms are physical (injuries, weight loss/gain), mental (work/home responsibilities) or emotional (relationships with yourself and others) the umbrella will shield you and brighten your day.  In the times of blinding sunlight, when there are no clouds in the sky – the umbrella will protect you.

Harmony Health – We have your umbrella!


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