Yoga Swings and Wheels

Our Yoga Swings are designed to help bring your practice to a whole new level, off the ground!
We introduce traditional yoga poses with the swing adding more support, deeper stretches and greater focus on each pose. Once you feel comfortable and confident – take your practice off the mat and into the swing.
Every step is explained in full detail so you are set up for success from the very beginning. As in all yoga practices we will offer options to modify and challenge. You choose how far you take your yoga swing practice. The swings are anchored into the support beams of the building and are completely height adjustable – this means that our swings will offer the best yoga swing experience to everybody and every ability level.
Yoga swings help alleviate back pain, isolate stretches, increase flexibility and range of motion throughout the whole body. We can accommodate 10 participants in each yoga swing class.  We use the Yoga Trapeze from Yoga Body Naturals, visit their page for more information

Yoga Swings and Wheels

The wheel prop may very well be the most versatile yoga prop we have found to date! Use the wheel to support your back-bend and heart opening practice.  Add more power to chair, warriors and planks, ignite inversions or ease your way into forward folds. Help strengthen back muscles as well as tone them for improved mobility and endurance. Massage and lengthen the spine, strengthen the shoulders, open hips, allow more air into the lungs and strengthen core muscles groups. Great for a post workout muscle relaxer and aids with relief from an aching, stiff back. Enhances the nervous system by improving the flow and movement of hormones to keep you balanced and healthy. Improves respiratory system, which is great for those with asthma and other breathing issues. We have 15 yoga wheels to share at the studio.  We use the Breathe Life Yoga Wheel at Harmony Health – but the basics are the same no matter the brand. Check out Yoga International for more on the yoga wheel

Time and Place

Harmony health offers Yoga swings and wheels as part of our regular schedule.  Many of our classes will incorporate the wheels into the sequence or register for an upcoming Wheel Workshops to explore the possibilities. We invite you to sign up online for our weekly Yoga Swing class Fridays at 6:00pm or contact us to schedule a session that works for your schedule. We can accommodate up to 10 participants in each class or session. If you would like to schedule a session for your group at a time that works well for you, please contact us. We can reserve a private group session any day of the week that there is an open window in our regular class schedule.

Become a Member

Unlimited Harmony Health Studio $50 Introductory month, regular $90/month, no contract
$5/ First Class, Regular drop in $16 -OR- $120 (10 class pass), $200 (20 class pass)